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United Airlines First Class Reservation

United first is the best option in terms of luxury and comfort travel, for travel with Canada or U.S including hawaii united airlines first class flight is available. So, do you want to explore and take benefits by traveling the world through United airlines?

Here is the necessary information regarding the whole:  

How to book a first class seat with united aircraft? 

Majorly there are 3 best ways, to book the flight ticket which are following:

  • Payment by cash passengers can book his/her flight by paying cash. Even if they can book online as well they have to just select the cabin class and book the seat.
  • Get a seat upgrade to united first class if you want to switch the economy class seat with first class you can do that by paying cash or with points/miles. 
  • Booking with miles: the best value per mile for united mileage plus members is using miles for reservation of premium seats. 

Benefits under united airlines:

  1. Priority check-in: united first class customers get an advantage to the united premier access lane at the airport with full security.
  2. First class baggage: economy class passengers have to pay some extra charges to check in the bag but first class passengers bring up 2 luggage with them with no added fare.
  3. Seats: first class on boeing 737 300 aircrafts have three rows of seat and on 737-900 have 5 rows of seat  which are very comfortable and luxurious extra wide , lie flat seats with enough storage
United seating optionsUnited polaris , united first (best seats)
Position on the planeFront of the plane
Seat map colorDark blue
Legroom Fully reclining seats(seats convert to a flat 6foot) and additional legroom and space
In seat poweryes
Meal and complimentary beverages services, entertainment services(tv,wifi)yes


United airlines have various options for upgrade the first class flight ( complimentary upgrades, plus point upgrade,star alliance upgrade awards, instant upgrades, mileage plus upgrade awards)

But initially, you have to search out, Is there upgrade space available?

Best way for find out the available seat is following:

  • First you have to  login mileage plus account at the
  • Select the tab to go to passengers profile then,choose search preference 
  • In search preference activate the expert mode 
  • After the activation of United’s expect mode passenger can see the availability of seats and fare class by clicking on the details option.

How to upgrade with miles/reward points?

Upgrade a new reservation

  • On search for flights by using the advanced search tab. This will allows the passenger to find fares that can upgrade with reward points
  • After fill the details (prefered time,destination,date,route)
  • From the drop down box under upgrade,certificate and promotional codes select mileage plus upgrade awards 
  • After that a passenger can upgrade with miles his/her flight if seats are available.

COST: if a passenger wants to upgrade the flight they need 25000 miles plus certain dollars for tax each route.

Upgrade a existing reservation:

If a passenger wants to upgrade the existing ticket with business class(premium cabin) you can simply contact the airport or make a call to United airlines.

Passenger can serve online by 

  • sign-in mileage plus account
  • Select redeem upgrade tab( passenger can see the option to choose premium cabin)
  • Use rewards points for upgrades if seats are available.   

International or Domestic united first class 

For long-haul international flights there is no first class , united aircraft offers on shorter flights only. United First is available on flights in the U.S ,Canada including hawaii. Passengers will not have access to the united club lounge if you are flying united first class domestically.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I know if I am on the stand by list of first class?

Passengers get a notification mail or message if your name is on the waiting list. If you do not get any notification then you can make a call.

  1. What is the best time to book a first class flight with a United airline?

If  passengers want to save on a first class flight ticket ,they can consider booking some days in advance.

  1. How much does it cost to upgrade my United flight?

There is a fee $ 325 from upgrade economy class to first class. A few destinations can cost more.

  1.  How many miles do I need to upgrade my united flight?

Passenger needs 25000 miles for a round trip but for one-way you can use half miles and half payment by cash. In any case if a passenger has less miles he/she can purchase it.

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