United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines is offering flexible policies and customer-friendly services. If you booked the ticket and you want to know about United Airlines’ baggage policy whether, for domestic or international travel, you can go through with the details.

As united airlines have four types of luggage carry-on-baggage, checked baggage, overweight baggage, and oversize baggage, and it is charged differently. your United baggage allowance varies if you pay with a United credit card, if you have elite status, or depending on your route.

United Airlines Baggage Allowance:

United Airlines Carry on Baggage

As per the United baggage policy, you can bring on board 1 full size carry on bag and one personal bag plus other special items such as a laptop, camera, umbrella, and pet carrier along with you.

United Airlines carry-on size

Carry-on bag: Carry-on should be within the specified size and weight limit. United Airline size of carry on luggage should be 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches ( 22cm x 35cm x 56cm ) including bag handle and wheels and fits under the seat of the passenger in front of you.

united airlines carry on size

NOTE: As per the United basic economy baggage policy, If you are holding a basic economy ticket you can only carry one personal item along with you. If you want to bring the full size of a carry on bag united you have to pay $25 gate handling charges. But if you are a Mileage plus premier member, primary cardmembers of most United mileage plus credit cards, customers traveling on trans-pacific flights can avail of carrying on baggage policy.

Personal item: The maximum dimension for your personal item is 9 inches x 10inches x 17 inches (22cm x 25cm x 43cm) and the item should be underneath the seat in front of your seat.

united baggage allowance international

United Airlines Checked Baggage 

United Airlines checked baggage size

The standard checked baggage size should be 62 inches including bag handle and wheels But your United Airline’s checked baggage allowance varies on which class of service you are traveling. 

United Airlines weight limit

Class of serviceWeight per bag
United Economy50 pounds
United Business United first class united polarities70 pounds

Weight limits by mileage plus status

Mileage Plus statusWeight per bag
Premier silver, gold, platinum, Premier 1K70 pounds
Star alliance gold70 pounds in business 50 pounds in economy

United Air Baggage Policy

On United aircraft space is restricted but if you want to carry an oversized, overweight, or extra bag along with you. You have to pay some extra charges for this.

Oversized bags:

United Airlines cannot accept bags that are more than 115 inches. United Airlines will charge USD 200 to 400 per bag but it totally depends upon your travel destination.

Overweight bags:

United Airlines cannot accept weights more than 100 pounds except for musical instruments and that can be up to 165 pounds.

United Baggage Fees:

Following are the United Airline baggage fee although, United airlines recommend you to check its baggage calculator for baggage fees:

United domestic baggage fees:

According to the United domestic baggage policy following are the charges for different class of travel services

Class of servicefees
Economy class
For first checked baggage
for second checked baggage

Business-class and first-classPassengers receive up to two checked bags free of charge.

United international baggage fees:

United Airlines international baggage fees for standard checked baggage from US international flights for first baggage there are no fees but for second baggage $100 USD. 

According to the United international baggage policy ,International hold luggage fees for the first bag are $60 USD and for the second bag $100 USD.

The baggage fee calculator tool is used to determine the exact charges per route.

United Airlines checked bag fee

United Airlines checked baggage fee will be evaluated by using baggage calculator tool.

United carry-on bag fees:

Those passengers who have a domestic basic economy ticket are only allowed to bring one personal item there will be no free carry-on. but, if you want to take any carry bag you have to pay a $ 25 gate handling charge.

United Airlines Overweight baggage fee:

For 51 to 70 pounds: united overweight baggage fee will be $100 USD to $200 USD extra per bag on the other hand, for 71 to 100 pounds: $400 USD extra per bag.

United Oversize baggage fee:

For 63 to 115 inches United Airlines will charge $200 USD extra per bag.

United Airlines Military Baggage Policy

As per United Airlines’ military baggage policy US military personal qualify to free baggage allowance on official business 5 free checked baggage and on personal travel 3 free checked bags.

United Airlines Baggage Policy Economy

As per United economy baggage policy ,Economy class passengers will have to pay $35 for the first checked bag and USD 45 for the second checked bag on United domestic flights but for international flights economy class passengers receive 1 or 2 free checked bags depending on the destination. The maximum weight for checked baggage of united economy class is 50lbs.

United First Class Baggage Policy

The maximum weight for checked baggage of United first class and United polaris SM first class is 70lbs. First class passengers get upto 2 checked bags free of charge on domestic as well as on international flights.

United Airlines Baggage Allowance Business Class

The maximum weight for checked baggage of United business class and United polaris business class is 70lbs. Business class passengers get upto 2 checked bags free of charge on domestic as well as on international flights.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to prepay baggage fees online?

  • Visit the official website of united airlines.
  • Select my trip from the top windowpane.
  • Enter all required details such as confirmation number, and last name, and click on the search option.
  • Select your flight and add a bags
  • Now pay for the baggage.
united airlines checked baggage

What should I do if my bag got damaged?

  • If you are at the airport:

Passengers can directly contact the airport baggage service office and a representative will find out the damages and further alot a file number and ask to fill the damaged bag claim form.

  • If you left the airport:

Passengers will be allowed for replacement or repair for all international flights, but you have to report your damaged bag in writing at the airport baggage service office within 7 days after your flight arrived.

Does United let you carry on a bag?

Passengers can bring 1 full size carry on bag and 1 personal item for free on united board but your personal item must fit under your seat and it includes a laptop bag, purses, backpacks, etc.

Can I track my bag on United Airlines?

On the official website of United Airlines, you can view the reservation and click track my bags from the menu. With the bag tracking feature, you will get to know when your bag is loaded and unloaded on the flight.

Can I put my carry on as checked baggage?

If your luggage is small enough to be carried along with you a cabin bag can be checked-in. But check-in baggage must be handed over for check-in prior to the security point. if the weight limit exceeds then Check-in baggage can engage fees.

How can I avoid baggage fees with United Airlines?

There are several ways where you can avoid baggage fees if you have a United baggage subscription, use credit cards that waived off the baggage fees, furthermore, if you are a military member, elite member or you are traveling in a premium cabin there are free checked baggage and frequency of bags depending on the policy.

How do I get a copy of the baggage receipt from United Airlines?

Passengers may select my trip option then select the flight and choose view receipt and check the fees and policies regarding checked and carry-on bags.

Do United Airlines accept cash for baggage payments?

United check-in counters and kiosks at many airports do not accept cash as a mode of payment for baggage charges meanwhile, they only prefer online payments.

How to add baggage to United Airlines?

Initially, go to the United airlines portal and enter your confirmation number. Now, choose the prepay bags option and fill in all the details that are shown on the window screen then select the continue to payment.

How many checked bags can I have on united?

You can only carry 2 free checked bags of 50 pounds while traveling on United Airlines international flights.

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