JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

If a passenger is going across the country, the first important factor to take into account is booking a Jetblue flight ticket and after booking a ticket is luggage whenever passengers consider booking a journey with Jetblue Airlines. Travelers go through with the Jet Blue Airlines baggage policy and if they need to carry more luggage than specified in the Jet baggage rules then they have to pay extra charges.

The following is information regarding the Jet blue airlines baggage policy for domestic as well as international flights. 

Jetblue Airlines baggage allowance

  • Luggage should have a baggage identification tag with all details such as the Passenger’s name, address, JetBlue flight booking number, and contact number of the passenger that is given to the airline.
  • Meanwhile, JetBlue carriers will not be allowed luggage for transportation if it is not according to the specified JetBlue baggage dimensions and the baggage weight limit. 
  • JetBlue carry-on bag must be stored in the overhead storage bin or under the seat of the passenger.
  • If the passenger requests to alter the flight date, time, or destination then, the Jetblue bag policy may be modified as per the Jetblue flight change policy.

Jetblue carry-on baggage policy

Jetblue carry on baggage policy

Carry on allowance

The JetBlue carry-on allowance includes 1 carry on bag which includes wheels and handles and JetBlue baggage size for carrying-on bag will not be bigger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches, plus one JetBlue personal item this could be a purse, laptop bag, daypack, or pet kennel, and its size must not exceed 17 x 13 x 8 inches.

If a passenger’s carry-on bag does not fit in the overhead storage bin, the bag will be checked at the Jetblue airlines gate.

Blue Basic fares do not permit any carry-on bag brought to the airline’s gate.

Moreover, Airlines assure passengers that there will be space for their carry-on but if there is not enough space you will get your payment back as JetBlue travel credit.

JetBlue baggage weight

Jetblue airlines do not specify any baggage weight limit for single carry-on luggage.

The exception to JetBlue carry-on rules

There are some exceptions to JetBlue baggage policy, If you reserve a Blue Basic Ticket and you belong to the following any of category:

  • Active U.S. military members.
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • Mosaic members. 
  • Travelers to and from London including connecting flights.

Passengers are allowed to bring a carry-on bag and can place it in the overhead storage bin.

JetBlue checked bag policy

jetblue checked bag policy

Checked baggage allowance

A traveler is allowed to check in up to 2 bags to their destination with a maximum dimension of 62 inches bag.

Sports equipment like golf bags, skimboards, fishing rods, skis, and snowboard bags are accepted as checked baggage but with specified fees being charged.

Furthermore, Musical instruments may consider as 1 item of checked luggage. there will be no additional fees for checking musical instruments if they are within the size and weight restrictions as per jet blue airlines baggage policy.

Check-In time

JetBlue will not allow you to bring your checked baggage more than 6 hours before your departure time.

At the Jetblue airport, the following check-in time requirement applies to all checked luggage for Jetblue domestic flights 40 minutes before the scheduled departure on the other hand for Jetblue international flights 60 minutes before departure.

Weight for checked bag Jetblue

All passenger bags should be 50 pounds to avoid additional overweight charges excluding Mint fares between the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean as a single bag may weight not more than 70 pounds.

Jetblue baggage weight

Jetblue airways extra baggage

When you check in more than 2 bags on JetBlue airlines, a fee of $150 per bag will be charged when a passenger checks excess baggage. 

Meanwhile, Excess baggage must not be accepted on JetBlue flights to or from some travel destinations.

JetBlue overweight/oversize bags

JetBlue will charge the following for bags that are greater than 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

If your bag weight is 51 to 99 pounds then $150 USD extra per bag will be charged and if the bag is more than 50 pounds will not be allowed on flights to and from the Dominican Republic or Haiti.

Bags 100 pounds or more will not be accepted as checked baggage but if it exceeds the weight limit they will not be accepted.

JetBlue airlines will charge $150USD extra for bags that are from 63 to 80 inches and if Bags are more than 80 linear inches they will not be allowed as checked bags.

JetBlue military baggage policy

If you are Travelling on Military Orders:

Military personnel and their dependents traveling whether on a domestic or international flight on military orders are allowed to check 5 bags at no extra jet blue baggage cost.

If military personal travel as Leisure:

Active military personnel and their dependents traveling for leisure are permitted to check only 2 bags at no extra cost charged by Jetblue airlines but if you cross the limit of bags there will be extra fees.


  • Dependents must fly on the same PNR as active military personnel.
  • These passengers should show their military orders and/or DoD Common Access Card for identification purposes

Jetblue airlines baggage fees

The below information will allow you to figure out Jetblue airlines baggage costs for different baggage:

Jetblue checked bag fee 

These are the Jetblue checked bag fees for different tickets at the Jetblue airlines given below:

Flights Within U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean:

Types of Ticket1st check-in bag2nd check-in bag
Blue basic$35$45
Blue plusfree$45
Blue Extra$35$45
Jetblue plus cardholder memberfree$45

Flights Between U.S. and U.K.

Ticket types1st check-in bag2nd check-in bag
Blue basic$65$105
Blue plusfree$105
Blue Extrafree$105
Jetblue plus cardholder memberfree$105

Overweight baggage fees

If it exceeds the weight limit from 51-99 pounds on Jetblue then overweight baggage fees will be $150.

Oversized baggage fees

If baggage measurement is between 62-80 inches then it will be considered an oversized category and JetBlue’s oversized baggage fee is $150.

Excess baggage fees

When you are checking with excess baggage on Jetblue airlines then, you have to pay $150 per bag.

Restricted items

  • There can be no more than 100ml of JetBlue carry-on liquids in your cabin bag.
  • All sharp items like scissors and knives are strictly restrained. 
  • furthermore, Explosives are not allowed inside the Jetblue aircraft.
  • If drugs or guns are found could potentially result in prosecution.

Frequently asked questions

What is the baggage policy for JetBlue?

The jet blue baggage policy for standard basic fares includes the following:

  • For carrying on baggage-Passenger is allowed to carry 1 personal item totally free of charge and 1 carry-on item that is too free of charge
  • Checked baggage – Fees per bag will rise with how many numbers of bags are checked at the airport.
  • Overweight and Oversize bags – Jetblue fees per bag will be depending on the weight and size limit of the bag according to the Jetblue bag policy.

Does JetBlue allow one free checked bag?

If you are a JetBlue Plus Cardholder member, then your first checked bag is free of cost but for passengers who hold Jetblue baggage ticket of class Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Extra fares, the airlines will charge $35 to check the first bag. 

How many bags can you carry on Jetblue airlines?

Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 carry-on bag but it should be stored in the overhead storage bin or underneath the seat in front of you.

How many bags can I carry on Jetblue for free?

As per JetBlue airlines baggage policy, if a passenger holds regular basic fares tickets, only 1 Carry-on baggage and 1 personal item are free of cost.

How many bags can you take on a Jetblue plane?

Passenger can carry 2 checked bags with overall dimensions of 60 inches and a weight of 50 pounds and if Bags exceeds the limit restrictions will incur a Jetblue baggage fee.

Does Jetblue charge for carry-on bags?

If Any passenger brings a carry-on bag and brought to the airline’s gate will incur a fee but it needs to be checked at JetBlue airport. Moreover, the carry-on baggage fee is $65 if it would be your 1st or 2nd checked bag or $180 if it’s your 3rd bag.

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