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Emirates Airlines Change Flight Policy 2022

If a passenger reschedules his/her travel plans instead of canceling a flight he/she can continue by changing in the flight policy so, the passenger will not have to pay any cancellation charges and they can comfortably carry on the travel plans. 

If you think rescheduling your flight might be a complex procedure ,Emirates airlines gives you quite easy steps to apply under emirates airline change policy.

What is Emirates flight change policy?

  • According to Emirates airlines passengers can reschedule their flight within 11months to 24hrs earlier to the scheduled time of the flight without paying any  change fee.
  • As per the flight change policy, passengers can make adjustments in booking within 36months from the date of issue due to covid-19.
  • In any case, if the fare of your next flight is less than your original flight, then the remaining balance will be refundable.
  • Passenger can change his/her destination if it lies within the same region.
  • No passenger is allowed to make any type of  modifications into their booking within 1hr. prior to their flight.

For any changes in the flight reservation, passengers can go for any option whether via online or offline as per their own convenience.

Offline reschedule policy:

 The Emirates airline reservation center will help you for any change or cancellation of flight . all queries or any required detail related to flight change will be resolved by the staff of emirates airlines.

On-line flight change policy:

Passengers can easily modify the booking from the official website or via mobile phone app by few clicks.

How to make a reservation change free of charge?

  • If your itinerary falls under the relaxed policy due to covid-19 then reservation changes free of charge.
  • Passengers will not be charged a change fee ,if they rebook their flight within the validity period.
  • By using the travel voucher within the validity period.
  • Due to any medical illness, a passenger can change their flight free of charge by submitting valid certificates or documents.

Procedure/steps to change the emirates booking:

  1. First step is to open the official website of emirates airlines i.e.(
  2. On the left top select Manage  then in the dropdown choose change your booking.
  3. Enter passengers information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Your travel reference id number
  1. Select retrieve booking tab
  2. Enter the new reservation details to change the flight.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to:
  • Change your destination
  • Change date/time of the flight
  • Change cabin
  • Change your route
  • Add or remove stopovers
  1. Now, pay the change charges/penalties of the emirates flight booking.
  2. At the end, make sure you will receive the confirmation mail of current flight reservation.

How much does it cost to change the flight?

Emirates smartphone app or website automatically displays the modification flight fee in keeping view of terms and conditions of your ticket.

Emirates flight fee ranges :

Economy class75-200 USD
Business class300-400 USD
First class250-400 USD

Emirates (economy & business special) fares change fee

Emirates airline provides cheapest fares to the passengers that can’t be changed or refunded except relaxed covid-19 policy.

Emirates (economy & business saver) fare change fee

Economy saver$200
Business saver$400

Emirates (economy,business,first class flex) fare change fee

Economy class flex$200
Business class flex$400
First class flex$400

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I do online changes for only one passenger from the whole booking?

To reschedule a flight just for a single passenger , you need to contact the Emirates reservation center or travel agent by whom you made your booking.

If you want to add any meal, change your bookings, you can book from ‘manage your booking’

  1. Is it easy to reschedule the flight on emirates? 

Yes,it’s very easy to change the flight. You have to just enter the booking details to make a change to a connecting flight, change destination or change the date.

  1. How much does it cost to change the Emirates flight?

It’s totally depends upon the fare conditions, travel route and class

Economy class75-200 USD
Business class300-400 USD
First class250-400 USD

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