Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines provides you with a liberal baggage allowance to bring all your travel essentials along with you. Under the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, your baggage allowance and fees will depend upon your route, fare type, and frequent flyer status. If the amount of luggage, weight, and dimensions of your baggage exceed the limits of your free allowance then additional charges will apply. Make sure you are packing within the maximum limits to avoid heavy fees.

Carry on

  • According to Alaska Air carry-on requirements, Alaska Airlines permits passengers to carry only 1 carry on bag and 1 personal bag that is totally free of charge.
  • A personal item can be a laptop bag, purse, diaper bag, coat, umbrella, books, etc.
  • Furthermore, all carry-on luggage should fit in the overhead storage bin or under the seat of the passenger in front of you.


  • Under Alaskan Airlines baggage policy, 2 standard hold luggage/checked luggage per passenger, and those bags are free of cost but, If you are flying in the economy or first class it charges differently even in domestic or within the state of Alaska.
  • Baggage dimensions include bag handle and wheels meanwhile if it exceeds the size limit it costs extra.
alaska air baggage policy

Alaska Airlines oversize baggage policy

Alaska Air line will charge 100 USD extra for bags that are from 63 to 115 inches and fall into the oversized category. Bags greater than 11

5 linear inches will not be accepted as checked baggage or hold luggage.

Alaska Airlines extra baggage

It’s quite obvious, that if you apply for extra baggage as per your travel distance to the destination it demands an extra bag fee.

  • For 1 bag-$25 USD.
  • For 2nd bag-$25 USD.
  • For excess 3rd bag- $75 USD.

Alaska Airlines baggage weight policy

Check out the luggage scale to ensure that your bag is not overweight before you carry it to the Alaska airport. If it exceeds the weight limit then the passenger has to pay extra charges for that to carry their luggage on the aircraft.

Alaska Airlines carry-on baggage weight

There is no such maximum weight for carry on baggage mentioned.

Alaska Airlines check in baggage weight

For standard checked baggage weight5o pounds or 23 kilograms

Alaska Airlines baggage size policy

Make sure to measure your briefcase after you have packed it to accurately assess whether it complies with Alaska Airlines baggage allowance rules and regulations. the following are the dimensions for a checked bag or hold luggage and carry on baggage:

Maximum size of carry on luggage Alaska Airlines

Dimension for carry on baggage22″ x 14″ x 9″ or less.

Alaska Airlines check bag size

Size for checked baggage62 inches or 157 centimeters 
alaska airlines Baggage size policy

Alaska Airlines baggage fees

According to the Alaska Airlines baggage fee policy, the following are the baggage fees for flights within the U.S. The actual carry on and checked baggage fee you will pay may vary based on various factors such as fare class, frequent flier status, and destinations.

Alaska Airlines Standard baggage fees:

First bag$30 USD
Second bag$40 USD
Each additional bag$100 USD

Additional / Excess Baggage Fees:

Each additional piece of luggage3+ bags$100 each
Overweight bags51 to 100 pounds$100
Oversized bags63 to 115 inches$100
alaska airlines baggage fees

Alaska Air bags fly free

Do you want to know How to get free checked bags on Alaska Airlines? and you can avoid Alaska baggage cost following are the ways how a passenger can enjoy a baggage fee waiver:

Airlines credit card free bag: Alaska Airline’s credit cardholders receive 1 bag free of cost or up to 6 travelers flying on the same reservation get the same service.

Alaska Airlines baggage policy for military: For active duty military personnel, they have to just present a valid military ID and get the first 5 bags free of charge but, it should be 70lb per bag and 292 cm per bag.
Alaska Airlines Club 49 membership: The first two bags are free for Club 49 members, Elite Mileage Plan members, and confirmed First Class passengers. however, Club 49 Members flying with a ticket must have 1 Alaska Airline city in Alaska.

Frequently asked question

What is Alaska Airlines baggage policy?

The Alaska Air baggage policy for basic fares includes the following information:

  • Carry-on baggage-If a passenger wants to carry 1 personal item and 1 carry on bag along with them at the Alaska flight then there will no charge that is totally free of cost.
  • Checked baggage – customer have to pay applied fees per bag with the number checked baggage at the alaska airport.
  • Overweight and Oversize bags – fees per luggage will depend upon the weight and size limit as per alaska baggage policy.
  • Alaska Airlines baggage Sports equipment – skis, golf bags, fishing equipment might have fees which customer have to pay to carry sports equipments but according to size and weight limit of baggage.

There will be no free checked baggage allowance on Alaska Airline but there are some exceptions to the rule Alaska Airlines credit cardholders, Club 49,active-duty military personnel, and Elite Mileage Plan members.

How to get back lost baggage from an Alaska Airline?

If the passenger’s luggage is delayed, damaged, or lost at your arrival then, the passenger has to be intimate personally within 24 hours of arriving on the flight.

As per the Alaska Airlines lost baggage policy if you fail to tell them, therefore, you are not allowed to get Alaska Airlines baggage delay compensation.

If your bags are not at baggage claim within 20 minutes of your plane’s arrival at the gate, hence, Alaska will give you a $25 discount code for future use or 2,500 Alaska bonus miles. 

Contact Alaska Airlines within 2 hours of your flight’s arrival for your discount code or miles.

Alaska Airlines missing baggage:

If your bag is still missing after five days, contact Alaska’s Central Baggage office. The Central Baggage Service office will mail you this statement of mishandling form within 2  weeks.

How to add extra baggage to an Alaska Airline?

Passengers can purchase extra bags while making flight reservations or thereafter by manage my booking option. further, you can contact Alaska Airlines customer service to get help. 

Can I check my Alaska Airlines baggage status?

When a passenger reported the issue, you will get a confirmation email with the File ID. furthermore, To check the status of your report contact the airport service baggage office or log into the  Alaska  Air baggage tracking portal.

Is Alaska Airlines strict on baggage policy?

Alaska Airlines is strict and limit passengers to bringing 1 carry on bag and one personal item but, if your luggage is oversize or exceeds the weight and size limit, you run the risk of having to pay extra charges at the escote gate.

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