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Air Canada Pet Policy

Flying with your pet(dog/cat) could not be as easy on air canada airlines. Find the answer to your queries for pet travel policy 2022.

  1. What is the pet policy of Air Canada 2022 ?

Air Canada permits 2-4 pets in the cabin on the same flight so passengers have to call and book the reservation of pets shortly by contacting the customer service team. You have to tell them the pet’s weight, size, and breed. Only one emotional support dog is allowed per passenger in the plane.

Pets can travel (in-cabin,cargo ) as per the preference of the passenger.

Pets in checked baggage: On Air Canada flights, a 12 weeks old  dog and cat can travel on the same flight with the passenger and the airlines can refuse to take the pet when the cargo plane temperature is too low or too high.

Pets in cabin: With Air Canada airlines,air canada express flights run by jazz or sky regional(between montreal and toronto city airport) pets of 12 weeks old can travel with the passenger on the plane. Cats or dogs can fly in-cabin underneath the seat of the passenger.

Pets in cargo: only warm blooded(birds,mammals,insects and aquatics) are allowed in cargo. Pets must be 16weeks old and have a health certificate. Air Canada will not allow pets for travel when the outside temperature is 85 degree F(29.5 degree C).W

  1. What is the cost to travel with my pet in air canada?

The services charges to travel with your pet:

In-cabin$50-$59 CAD/USD$100-$118CAD/USD
In the baggage compartment/cargo$105-$120.75CAD/USD$270-$318.60CAD/USD
  1. What are the dimensions of the required pet kernel ?


         the size of the carrier in case of :

Hard-sided 9’’height x 15.5’’weight x 21.5”length(23cmx40cmx55cm)

Soft-sided 10.5’’height x 15.5’’weight x 21.5’’length(27cmx40cmx55cm)

Total weight of the pet and kernel is under 22lbs (10kg) if passenger wants to ship large pet carrier he/she can contact Air canada cargo(AC animals) 

In-checked baggage: 

The measurement of the carrier [292cm(115in)] in linear dimension [length+width+height] and pets traveling in the carrier will not be more than 100lbs(45kg).

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